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Country Profile: Greece

USD 194,56 billions
GDP per capita
USD 18.104
10,75 millions


Greece is the forty-seventh (47°) exporting economy in the world. In 2016, Greece has exported USD 27,78 billions and has imported USD 47,46 billions, with a negative resulting trade balance of USD -19,68 billions. In 2016 Greece's GDP was USD 194,56 billions and its GDP per capita was USD 18.104.

The main goods exported by Greece are: Refined petroleum (USD 7,25 billions), Packaged medicines (USD 1,06 billions), (USD 644 millions), (USD 609 millions) and Computers (USD 578 millions).

It's main imports are: Crude petroleum (USD 6,91 billions), Refined petroleum (USD 2,58 billions), Packaged medicines (USD 2,35 billions), Passenger and Cargo Ships (USD 2,06 billions) and Vehicles (USD 1,16 billions).

The main export destinations of Greece are: Italy (USD 3,12 billions), Germany (USD 2,13 billions), Cyprus (USD 1,68 billions), Turkey (USD 1,5 billions) and Bulgaria (USD 1,38 billions).

The main origins of its imports are: Germany (USD 5,58 billions), Italy (USD 4,25 billions), Cyprus (USD 4,2 billions), South Korea (USD 2,72 billions) and Russia (USD 2,66 billions).

Greece borders with Albania, Bulgaria, Makedonia and Turkey by land and Cyprus, Egypt, Italy and Libya by sea.



Origins of imports

Destination of exports

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