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Company Profile

Forthalia has been operating for several years in Strategic, Internationalisation, Organisational, Sales and Marketing Consulting and has gained a wide experience in the field of M&A thanks to the numerous transactions carried out.
Forthalia has guided a number of companies in International markets and has assisted several entrepreneurs in Innovation, Organisational and Growth challenging projects.
In the IT industry Forthalia offers a wide range of IT consulting services as well as IT Professional Services to design, develop, implement and operate complex solutions and IT Systems. The portfolio of activities includes also the distribution and sale of third party products.

Forthalia aggregates the Strategy, Internationalisation and Organisational Consulting practice of its founders, which started back in 1992, and the activities of Forté Italia, a joint venture created in 1998 between US based Forté Software Inc. and Luxembourg based SOTAD Participations SA, with the objective of selling the Forté products in Italy, and to offer customers training and all related services. In 1999 Sun Microsystems Inc. acquires the shares previously owned by Forté Software Inc. In 2007 the company's management acquires 100% of the stock owned by Sun Microsystems Inc. and SOTAD Participations SA. In 2011 the company changed its name to Forthalia.

Some examples of projects:
Market entry in Brazil of a historic brand of Italian mineral water: competitive market analysis, definition of an entry plan, certification in Brazil, search and hire of distributors, marketing activities to support entry into the Brazilian market, search and acquisition of first customers.
Market entry in Morocco by a manufacturer of industrial water treatment systems: Market and regulatory study, search for local partners, participation at fairs, identification of potential customers, start of negotiations and follow-up with the first prospects.
Market entry in Brazil of an important multinational Chinese manufacturer of giant LED displays: competition analysis, partner search, organisation of meetings in China and Brazil to define trade agreements with identified partners, assistance in the negotiation of partnership agreements.
We work in several different markets (Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, Middle and Far East, etc...) and sectors (for example: Food & Beverage; Fashion, clothing, shoes and accessories; Furniture, home, complements, Design; Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Oil & Gas; Industrial Machinery; Automotive; IT, software, hardware and systems integrators; Tourism, etc...
Our approach consists in working alongside our customers trying to make them independent, while supporting them in all phases.

Some M&A deals:
Acquisition by an important Italian IT group of a major hardware manufacturer listed in Paris. Acquisition by an important Italian Software group of a major competitor listed in Brussels. Sale of 100% of an Italian ISP to a major UK based Multinational Telco Group. Capital increase in an important listed retail chain selling PCs. Sale of an important producer of machinery for the pharmaceutical sector. Scouting of potential investors in a shoe manufacturer.
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