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Key Executives

Finding, attracting, identifying, retaining and motivating high performing human talent is one of the most challenging tasks that companies face in the era of information.

The advent of the internet has transformed the way and the speed at which information and knowledge circulate and are spread around the globe. Job boards, social networks, forums of various kinds and myriads of other digital sources provide huge amounts of information to everyone. Receptive companies who understand the power gained in knowing how to use these recent sources of information to their advantage can acquire considerable competitive advantage against their competitors.

However, things are not as simple as they may seem. While companies are obliged to constantly monitor the new sources of information, it is not clear how the deriving advantage could be sustainable over time. Furthermore, and most importantly, the same sources they use to attract talented executives, including their future leaders, are open to the latter and their competition. The result is, at times, the contrary of what one could expect: the availability of information for everyone destroys potential competitive advantage and fosters a high mobility of scarcely available talented managers seeking new opportunities.

Forthalia leverages on a broad network of diverse professionals coming from a variety of industries and experiences able to respond to specific requirements and able to complement the competencies normally available to the competition of our customers. Furthermore, our change management, team building, training, climate and coaching programmes are extremely valuable for evolving, retaining and motivating human resources.
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