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Study Tours

Structured Study Tours are a very effective tool that help achieve various objectives at the same time: team building, open the participant's mind, training, international exposure, learning about other business contexts and many more.

A typical Study Tour consists of a three to five days international trip during which participants visit local companies, authorities, unions, industrial associations, universities or other relevant organisations or individuals. The objective is to learn how others from various fields operate and to learn from them. This is very important to improve one's culture and, mostly, gather new tools for being more fit to face competition with innovative ways of doing things.

Before engaging in a Study Tour itself a couple of sessions are necessary to meet the participants and define both the desired objectives and the type of companies that are going to be visited. A few days before the departure one or two briefing sessions are needed to expose the tour. During the tour debriefings are done before and after the visits and the participants are asked in groups to collaborate to expose the visit and its findings in an open discussion meeting.

Upon return participants discuss their learnings and they try to understand how they can be applied to their company.
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