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Events & Seminars

Major events aimed at prospects, customers, the press, financial analysts or other audiences are sometimes key to the success of a company. Their definition and organisation are crucial and no mistakes should occur.

Polagra 2019 Exhibition

Polagra 2019 Exhibition

Forthalia, a consulting company specialising in internationalisation projects for SMEs, organises a group show at...
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Internationalisation Event - Regione Umbria 28 March 2019

We are pleased to announce the Seminar

Effective methods of Internationalisation for SMEs

that will take place on Thursday, March 28th 2019 in Pe...
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Study Tour: São Paulo & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - May 17-24 2015

A way to beat the crisis

In the enduring crisis in which we are living, companies suffer for:
  • turnover reduction
  • constant or increasing costs
  • uncertainties over payments
  • bank loans becoming more difficult to...
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