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Brazil Fact Sheet

  • Population: 201M
  • GDP: EUR 1.613 Billion (2013 estimate)
  • GDP Growth (2013 forecast): 2,4%
  • GDP Growth (2014 forecast): 2,3%
  • GDP per capita: EUR 8.100 (2013 estimate)
  • Unemployment: 6.2%
  • Currency: Real (Rs / BRL)
  • President: Dilma Roussef
  • Surface: 8.5M km²
  • Capital: Brasilia
  • Largest City: São Paulo (19,9 M innhabitants; 1.500 km²)
  • Upcoming major events: World Cup 2014, 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro

Study Tour: São Paulo, Brazil - March 23-30 2014

A way to beat the crisis

In the enduring crisis in which we are living, companies suffer for:
  • turnover reduction
  • constant or increasing costs
  • uncertainties over payments
  • bank loans becoming more difficult to obtain
  • increasing fiscal pressure

Export oriented companies are thriving, very often in excellent healthy conditions. The ones concentrated in their domestic markets suffer from employment crisis, restructuring and even bankruptcy.

It is not too late to get moving!

Entering a new growing market such as Brazil, whose population is nearly half of that of the European Union, represents a valid solution to drive us beyond our crisis and open a new era for our companies.

Forthalia is organising a Business Study Tour in Brazil.

The Study Tour consists of a series of meetings in a one week business trip to Brazil during which various fundamental aspects for doing business in Brazil will be exposed.

Instead of promising new distributors or customers as other Business Missions promise to achieve in a very short time, which, in reality, does not happen, our Business Study Tour aims at studying various fundamental aspects that need to be examined before starting any commercial activity in any country. Once these basics are acquired it is possible to initiate the best possible path for our company to succeed in a given market!
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