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Brazil Fact Sheet

  • Population: 201M
  • GDP: EUR 1.613 Billion (2013 estimate)
  • GDP Growth (2013 forecast): 2,4%
  • GDP Growth (2014 forecast): 2,3%
  • GDP per capita: EUR 8.100 (2013 estimate)
  • Unemployment: 6.2%
  • Currency: Real (Rs / BRL)
  • President: Dilma Roussef
  • Surface: 8.5M km²
  • Capital: Brasilia
  • Largest City: São Paulo (19,9 M innhabitants; 1.500 km²)
  • Upcoming major events: World Cup 2014, 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro

Study Tour: São Paulo, Brazil - March 23-30 2014 - Programme


Meetings with local Social Partners

To do business in Brazil it is useful that we know all the aspects connected to the relationship between the social partners. To this end we will meet representatives of Employers, Unions, Politicians and Finance.

Meetings with the International Community

Learn from the experiences of other International companies already established in Brazil to better understand how to plan your own entr in the Brazilian market. Wheter it be simply export, a distribution agreement, a local commercial/production subsidiary or an acquisition.

Visits at local companies

We will visit local companies to better analyse and understand which are the best local practices as well as see directly what are the key issues related to doing business in Brazil.

Presentation of the Brazilian context

Experts on the Brazilian market (from University, diplomacy, politician or the press) will illustrate the local context providing the essential elements that are necessary to define our own market entry strategy in Brazil.
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