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Philip Kotler Marketing Forum - PKMF - Milan, Saturday, October 7th, 2017

Philip Kotler
Marketing Forum
Milan, Saturday, October 7th, 2017
IULM University, Milan

After the great success of 2015 Philip Kotler is back in Milan for the most important global Marketing event, the Philip Kotler Marketing Forum.
The most important Marketing expert in the world analyses and explains the new era of marketing and of lean production. Lean marketing and lean production, are necessary for the survival and the sustainability of businesses, from small to large, in today's highly competitive, globalised, yet continuously evolving, market. Professor Kotler will be joined by important storymakers and experts.

This is the only occasion in which the founding father of modern marketing will tackle the important, yet current, subject of reducion of waste within business processes: all the way from product and service idea, through communication, internal and external organisation, sales, materials and resources planning and human capital utilisation, to business development. We are today in the new era of lean marketing and of lean production, which are necessary to the survival and sustainability of businesses.

What does it mean for companies when they adopt lean marketing when in the implementation of products and services? The reduction of waste in all business processes allows companies to enter the market with their own products and services in the lightest possible way, test and validate rapidly the actual market response, implement the appropriate corrections and eventually sell more! We are not facing a mere reduction of waste in the production phase only, but in a wider perspective where the revolution consists in controlling and reducing waste in every step starting from the origin of the business all the way to after-market service. Prof. Philip Kotler together with some of the most important experts, storymakers, and revolutionary brands – in front of an audience of entrepreneurs, managers and experts – will explain the the revolutionary force brought by lean marketing to business and how its strategic implementation within companies can help both minimise costs as well as increase revenues. There will be testimonials from the food and beverage, food retail and restaurants, transports and automotive industries as well as from digitali innovation and start-ups.

Today one must alsao pay attention to an ethical, sustainable and shared development: this is why PKMF 2017 is proud to push start-ups and innovation, through a contest on waste reduction within business processes, keeping in mind the necessity for values, innovation and business objectives. The IULM University, where the Philip Kotler Marketing Forum is taking place, is renowned for its pioneering approach and its capability to anticipate new trends as well as drive change.

Milan 6 and 7 October 2017.

Philip Kotler Marketing Forum - PKMF - Milan, Saturday, October 7th, 2017 - Contact

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  • 1 entry: EUR 383,68 (the price is made of: EUR 300,00 for the entry, EUR 69,49 for VAT and EUR 14,19 for payment processing expenses)
  • block of 10 entries: EUR 3.372,02 (the price is made of: EUR 2.700,00 for the 10 entries, EUR 608,07 for VAT and EUR 63,95 for payment processing expenses).

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