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Executive Coaching

Coaching is a discipline that delivers immensely valuable results both to individuals and groups. The most important being improved leadership and increased business effectiveness.

When engaging in a coaching effort, typically, the first step consists in an individual performance review from which to gather, in at least a couple of sessions, what are the main traits that need to be reinforced.

The coachee works for a defined period of time with his coach adopting a series of different interaction methods: formal training, exercises, phone calls, sharing experiences and upcoming deadlines, analysing past, present and future tasks, etc... During these sessions the coach establishes with the coachee a high degree of confidence, trust and confidentiality.

The coachee tries to understand with his coach how he could have improved his performance and then they define together exercises and trainings to fill gaps of knowledge, confidence and experience.

At the end of the coaching programme the coachee will have acquired a higher level of personal and business maturity, the capacity to stop and analyse with positive critics the situations he is faced with, a better understanding of his limitations, the ability to call for others' intervention or help when needed and many more. All this results in better performance for the individual himself and for the business.

Very often the coach becomes a personal advisor for the coachee for the time to come.

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