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Target Selection

When a company has decided to seek a target for acquisition for any reason, such as enter a new market, acquire new technology, grow its client portfolio, expand its distribution network, reinforce its team of professionals, or any other reason or a combination of these, it has to dedicate the necessary resources and time to search for the acquisition target. Once the target has been identified a negotiation aimed at maximising the value of the investment must take place and, after the acquisition, the acquired company or entity has to be integrated.

All these activities are time consuming and distract key resources from their day-to day tasks implying a potential negative effect on corporate results. In addition, very often, these resources do not have the right experience nor the necessary tools to run an acquisition. For example without an easy and quick access to key financial data may both waste valuable time as well as endanger the result of the transaction. Having access to an international network may also be crucial to the success of a transaction.

With these, and many other, critical aspects in mind it is advisable to to hire an advisor who will carry out these tasks on the company's behalf.

Forthalia can take care of all these tasks with an external and objective point of view with the aim of maximising the value of the deriving transaction.
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