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Joint Ventures

Organising a Joint Venture or a Consortium is a task that requires in-depth experience of various disciplines. When a joint-venture deal is entered into by business partners joining from different countries, the task of aligning everybody and the harmonisation of all the legal, cultural and business aspects becomes more complicated and delicate to handle. Ultimately, the ideal outcome of a joint-venture would be to build a strategic alliance that would allow both parties achieve together what would naturally have a less efficient performance or impossible to do alone.

In today's modern society, a Joint-Venture or a Cross-Borders Joint-Venture may be implemented to address all sorts of business activities such as:
  • sales,
  • licensing,
  • project
  • implementation,
  • R'D,
  • Equity ventures and M'A,
  • new markets penetration,
  • etc...

Forthalia assists its customers in all the various phases of establishing a joint-venture, starting from the identification of the joint-venture instrument itself, going all the way to the implementation and the day by bay running and monitoring of its success, via the screening and the selection of the right partners, the negotiations, the valuation of the assets, etc...

Forthalia's experts combine the relevant skills to provide the necessary guidance to our clients in order to achieve best results. Their international business culture allow full understanding and mitigation of the differences between the business partners of the joint ventures deriving from different legal systems, languages, practices, etc...

Forthalia can guide its clients through the whole process of the Joint venture in critical steps such as:
  • Structuring the JVC,
  • Negotiation and MoU
  • Key Business Terms and Conditions,
  • Competition Clauses,
  • Recovering invested funds from the Joint Venture,
  • Withdrawing from the Joint Venture at the right time,
  • etc...
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