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Post Merger Integration

When a merger, an acquisition or a disposal is completed the incumbent company's management is faced with a series of critical aspects that have to be handled very rapidly and with extreme care with the main objective of maximising the value of the newly created entity or group deriving from the integration, the addition or disposal of the newly acquired, merged or disposed assets.

Usually stakeholders of the succombent company as well as those of the incumbent, but in a more limited way, see the perils of being excluded, their role being reduced or some other threat that they perceive, also when they are not being questioned:

  • Key Employees see the threat of being removed from their tasks or even be fired;
  • Key Suppliers fear being substituted by the ones of the other company;
  • Key Customers are afraid that the products or services they receive be replaced by one of those of the merged or acquired entity, or even that some lines may be discontinued;
  • Key Partners see their partnership in danger together with their investments and the revenues generated. They may also fear that, if their reference contact is replaced, their business relationship may be weakened or they would lose negotiating power;
  • Shareholders may result diluted after the transaction and they see it as a loss of influence, a threat to their financial assets and, in more general terms, they are faced with uncertainty, which, usually, investors averse so that, divestment decisions may impact on share price and shareholder value.

  • All these and many more aspects, that arise when a merger, an acquisition or a disposal takes place, require several actions that need to be planned in advance with competence. Their communication and handling are critical and the failure of doing it right may seriously endanger the success of the whole transaction.

    Forthalia assists its customers in all the aspects deriving from a post-merger, post-acquisition or post-disposal transaction.
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