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Focus on Brazil

Forthalia's offer

Forthalia has a team of consultants with a deep knowledge of Brazil. We help companies effectively enter the the Brazilian market.


Brazil is a growing economy with a very high potential. The high population (over 202M as of July 2014) is rapidly moving to the middle and upper classes and consequently increasing internal consumption.

The Brazilian economy is continuously developing rapidly to become one of the largest global economies in terms of GDP and output. Industrial production is constantly increasing also thanks to the protectionist approach of the government and its investments.

For several years to come this process is expected to continue. Brazilian governments have, in the past few years carried out wide structural reforms and large investments in infrastructure, making the Brazilian economy an attractive target for foreign investment.

In the future these reforms and investments are expected to continue.

Selling in Brazil

Brazil offers various opportunities to enter the local market, ranging from simple export to more sophisticated approaches such as setting up one or a network of distributors, entering into a joint-venture, starting a new subsidiary, the creation of a production site or making an acquisition.

Any of these options may be explored depending on the company's products and services, the potential for the Brazilian market and the capacity to invest.

Whatever approach is taken it is of paramount importance that, before doing anything that could compromise the company's future in the Brazilian market a detailed study is carried out and that the right assistance is sought in order to both prevent potential errors and capitalise on expert's experience.

Fiscal Policy

It is important to note that Brazil is a very protected economy and, as a result, governments continue to impose a complicated and heavy tax system for imports into Brazil. Nevertheless, despite this heavy tax burden on imports Brazil remains a very interesting market where to sell various products or even where to invest in local production facilities.

Brazil Fact Sheet

  • Population: 202M
  • Surface: 8.5M km²
  • Currency: Real (Rs / BRL)
  • President: Dilma Roussef
  • Federal Capital: Brasilia (3.8 M)
  • GDP (PPP adjusted):
    • 2009: USD 2,467 Bn;
    • 2010: USD 2,686 Bn;
    • 2011: USD 2,816 Bn;
    • 2012: USD 2,896 Bn;
    • 2013: USD 3,012 Bn;
    • 2014: USD 3,072 Bn (forecast)
    • All values affected by fluctuations of exchange rates)
  • GDP per capita (PPP adjusted):
    • 2009: USD 12,750;
    • 2010: USD 13,739;
    • 2011: USD 14,267;
    • 2012: USD 14,537;
    • 2013: USD 14,987;
    • 2014: USD 15,153 (forecast)
  • Variations of GDP:
    • 2009: -0.3%
    • 2010: +7.5%
    • 2011: +2.7%
    • 2012: +1.0%
    • 2013: +2,5%
    • 2014: +0.3% (estimate)
  • Largest Cities:
    • São Paulo (19,9 M inhabitants; 1.500 km²);
    • Rio de Janeiro (11.9M);
    • Belo Horizonte (5.4 M);
    • Porto Alegre (3.9 M);
    • Recife (3.7 M)
  • Important events: 2014 FIFA World Cup, 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro


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